Welcome to Legal Center Network and Technology Platform (LCN). 


At LCN we provide agents with a paperless file management system for your short sales and traditional real estate properties.  This powerful platform allows you to track your file progress, communicate with anyone that you want to in the transaction and store all necessary paperwork in our secure server.  Also the system itself will walk your clients through step by step any and all paperwork needed for short sales, saving you from wasting precious marketing time on administative tasks. 


Additionally LCN is a network which means as a member you can now be the go-to person for your community no matter what your clients may need.  At LCN we want you to become that invaluable resource for people need.  As a member you will have access to seasoned Attorneys that handle anything from litigation, bankruptcy, tax issues, personal injury, business sales, etc making you the person that is on the top of people's mind in times of need. 


After all being an agent is about marketing yourself and LCN we want to help you market yourself as the premiere source for people in need. Our member Attorneys must be licensed a minimum of 7 years before they can become a member.  Though your clients will always have a choice on the Attorney they will ultimately use at LCN we help them by giving them a starting point in their screening process.


To find out more about how LCN can provide you the technology you need for your files and the tools you need to improve your standing in the eyes of clients please call 800-335-3585

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