It really is possible to get your credit repaired in 30 to 45 days however not with a credit repair company. Legal Center Network has identiified top attorneys in their field that have an excellent track record in Debtor Defnese which includes credit repair

Why you don't want to use a credit repair company:

• Credit repair companies will only send dispute letters every month hoping someone doesn't respond.  This is something you can do yourself and not have to pay for.

• Even if a Credit repair company is lucky enough to have something come off your credit report it could easily pop back on down the road since the issue causing the credit damage was never dealt with.

Enter Debtor Defense

Debtor defense is different in that it's just not credit repair.  Debtor defense is the Attorneys working to handle the issues that cause credit damage.  For example if there is a tax lien against the credit report that means the Attorney need to deal with the I.R.S.(or any other taxing authority) on the issues involved.  During the process of handling those issues the credit repair will be included as part of the work.   With Debtor Defense you can remove bankruptcy, collections, liens, short sales, foreclosures, etc.

Whatever your issues may be you owe it to yourself to set up a free no obligation consultation for review.  The difference between having a 600 fico and a 720 fico can $1,500.00 to $3,000.00 a month for 30 years on a mortgage!

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