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Do you have a tax problem but not sure where to turn?

Have you been "taken" by one of those so called "large companies" only to feel like you were in a time share presentation when you received your "free consultation"? Did the person you meet with last look 10 years younger and 20 years greener than the person you saw on TV, newspaper or other advertising? Want to make sure your case is actually handled by a real TAX EXPERT and not a paralegal or Attorney in training? Then you've come to the right place.  At Legal Center Network (LCN) we only work with Attorneys who #1 have a minimum 10 years experience in their field and#2 Will actually work your case. We at LCN we understand how frustrating it is to bombarded with advertising for help and when you ask for it feel like you're being sold a bag of goods.  We only work with the best and allow you to survey your Attorneys through the process to ensure the highest quality service. The IRS is one collector you DO NOT WANT TO OWE!  Unfortunately the IRS has many ways of collecting debt which include but are not limited to: 

Wage Garnishment


Bank Levies  

Asset Seizure

Benefits of having the right Attorney handle your situation:

Stop Wage Garnishment  

1099 Tax Issues  

Remove Bank Levies  

Offer in Compromise (settle for less than what's owed)  

Establish Affordable Payment Plans  

Bankruptcy Against Delinquent Taxes  

Non-Collectable Status 

Getting Penalties Forgiven  

Innocent Spouse Relief  

IRS Appeals  

IRS Audits

If you are currently in need of representation against the IRS register below now.  Once you have been registered a vetted Attorney will review your information and contact you for your free consultation.


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