About Us


LEGAL CENTER NETWORK (LCN) was developed to fill a huge void of a network of SEASONED Attorneys and industry professionals who actually communicate with you about your case with the much needed aid of easy to use technology. The two most common complaints that our site overcomes are

"I found the actual Attorney assigned to me only had one year experience after I paid thousands of dollars of service. Had I known that was going to happen up front I never would of paid them."

"I have no idea what's going on with my case.  I rarely hear from my Attorney."

Legal Center Network (LCN) uses technology to bridge the gulf which has stood between Attorneys and their Clients.  By providing a platform whereby all communication, documentation, court information and cross Attorney services can be provided on one space we empower our members to never have to question... "What is going on with my case?"

Just like many of you reading this information, the founders of LCN would routinely contact Attorneys for certain situations. During that process they came across many obstacles during that process.


A Better Attorney Referral Service

Unlike your standard Attorney Referral Service, Legal Center Network thoroughly screens and vets our member Attorneys. With other sites an Attorney one day out of school can join the network. LCN only accepts seasoned Attorneys and we require a minimum of 7 years experience in their direct field before an Attorney can join our network. Also our clients constantly survey their Attorneys to ensure excellent customer service throughout their case.


How do we find the right Attorney?

Before LCN entered the marketplace the industry's answer was to have an Attorney referral service that was profit driven by Attorneys paying a monthly membership fee to be part of the referral service. Meaning the more Attorneys that signed up as a member to a site, the more revenue the site would earn. So the referral service is not Attorney performance based, its bulk membership based.

Through our proprietary platform you, the Client, will finally have a direct connect to your Attorney anytime you wish. Additionally you will be able to see all the pertinent notes and documentation associated to your file, be updated of important dates, provided important updated legal documents and be able to send your information through our portal as well.

No longer will you have to worry about your Attorney having to mail information to you because they are so busy going to court they haven't "plugged in" to technology yet. We do that for them. We plug them in so that all their information is on our platform which you have access to.   LCN works with programs such as 
HousingAssistant.org to ensure people in need can receive their services they require. 

LCN can anyone in need of the following:


Estate Planning, Personal Injury, Litigation, Short Sales, Loan Modifications, Bankruptcy